Some Groups of Words…

Words are magical and extraordinary.
Extraordinary and magical are words.

Words are super-duper and fantastical.
Super-duper and fantastical are not words.

Words give existence to our consciousness beyond our consciousness.
They let us shine a reflection of our thoughts into eachothers’ heads.

We draw a line around a bit of our consciousness and give it a name,
Written to be narrated by someone else, in a different voice.

Sometimes words join up with other words, sometimes they are on their

Words can be punctuated!
Sometimes incorrectly?  Sometimes excessively!!!!!

Some words need to be said,
Some words are better left                  .

Sometimes groups of words rhyme,
With words in the next…group of words.
But only if we take the time.

Some words can be vocalized in different ways,
Either either or either.

Words can be iconic, sardonic or even ironic.
Ironically big or ironically miniscule.

Words can be let freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
(Or imprisoned.)

Sometimes groups of words make perfect sense,
Sometimes colourless green ideas sleep furiously.

sometimes when we txt or msg ppl,
we mutilate words.

Sometimes words flow mellifluously,
Quintessentially ascending into serentiy.

Some words can be separated and rebuilt,
“Absconders Meow!”, said a parented butler.

Groups of words can hold a secret message,
Found under cafe kitchens, or finer facilities.

If you say the word word enough it loses all meaning,
When that happens, do all words cease to exist?

…only make sense when you get to the end.



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