Five Videos of Frusciante Covering a Song

I’ve avoided posting things that are just links to videos because it seems a bit cheap and content-less.  But in this case I think the content within the videos say enough to speak for themselves and warrant this post.

John Frusciante usually sings one cover by himself during a concert, these are five that you’ve got to hear.

SOS – Originally by ABBA

Hauntingly beautiful. His version has no synth or harmonies to lighten the mood. His voice is so very delicate yet brimming with emotion. I really love the video too!

Maybe – Originally by The Chantels
Half of you have probably heard this already (that means about one people) as it’s off of the Slane Castle DVD. Showcases how high his voice can climb.

How Deep is Your Love – Originally by The Bee Gees
I love how laidback he seems about messing up, you’ve gotta love their friendly, casual demeanour while they blow our minds.

Lucky – Originally by Radiohead
Not sure if this was with the Peppers or on a solo tour, judging by how small the crowd sounds it was probably a solo tour. His voice really gets that feeling of restrained desperation across.

Emily – Originally by Simon and Garfunkel

So much power coming from one man and a guitar.

It’s fantastic how he breathes his own spin of life into these classics, colouring in their lines with his own transcendant colours. Yet you can still tell how much he respects the people who first created these songs. It’s not often you get to hear a master of a certain creative genre (outside of music) pay tribute to others in that genre by recreating some of their work. And they aren’t cover versions in the traditional sense of the word: a band reworking and rearranging songs and putting them out on a CD. He simply displays these songs stripped down to their bare essentials, showing the world works of songwriting that he likes and thinks we’d enjoy hearing. Someone who truly loves music singing songs that he enjoys singing.


One comment

  1. These are great videos Dave.
    I just realized in How Deep is Your Love, the line “we belong to you and me” reminds me of the line “the movement you need is on your shoulders”, in Hey Jude. They are both senseless while being the best lines of the song.

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