Five Epic Moments From My Childhood

Sorry to post another collection of youtube videos, but I’m not that inspired at the moment; like some guy who did something at some point, or something else that is similar to what I’m talking about.

But I’ll put some things on here – that don’t relate at all – but give the article some more content.  Like special effects that don’t add to the plot of a movie, or expensive jewelry that doesn’t match what someone is wearing.

  • Why do people go out of their way to pick up the phone on the ring?  Seems very odd, maybe it’s some kind game they play with themselves?
  • If you buy a TTC uniform you should be able to ride buses for free right?  They always pick up other TTC drivers (that don’t pay) and chat with them, I guess you’d just have to know a lot of street names and bus routes.
  • If you look like both of your parents doesn’t that mean your parents look like one another?
  • The fact that vinyls could hold only 60 minutes, while today’s CDs can hold 80 minutes; does that have anything to do with albums of the past being arguably better?  Maybe something to do with the fact that they had less space to fill, and so could focus on fewer quality songs?  In fact they tended to be around 40 minutes, so a double album, something that was seen as daring and indulgent, would be about as long as a standard CD today.
  • It would be cool if Hans Moleman turned out to be something really cool, like the last surviving member of an underground race of Molemen who the Springfieldians descended from and that’s why they’re yellow; or that everyone outside of Springfield was infected by some kind of virus that never reached Springfield, and Moleman is how all other humans look?
  • What if Basketball and all sports are actually prescripted?  Maybe they actually have the ability to miss or make shots whenever they want, and do so to follow a script.  Think about it, do you really think that someone who practices only one thing every day wouldn’t be able to make/miss every shot he took?  Sometimes games play out a little too perfectly if you ask me.
  • A sort of Renaissance-era thinking seems to be present in everything.  A notion that the past was necessarily better and modern incarnations of things pale in comparison to what once was, that they have to live up to and be judged by what came before; that everything is on the decline.  It seems that everyone thinks that the olden days were the ‘golden years’ and what exists today is just the aftermath.  You can see this when it comes to movies, sports, TV shows, music etc.  Or maybe that’s just the impression I get from people.
  • What are these ‘stories’ that all old people seem to watch?
  • I hate people who ask you if you know what they’re saying even after you’ve already nodded or agreed with them.


These are the five most epic moments on TV from my childhood (and probably yours too if you’re my age), in no particular order:

Reboot“Game Over”: Enzo, Andrea and Frisket lose the Game.  /  5:55 – end

Power Rangers“The Green Candle Part 2”: The Green Ranger loses his powers. / 1:55 – 5:00

Beasties “Code of Hero”: Dinobot dies.  /  4:00 – end

Spider-Man“The Turning Point”: Mary Jane gets sent to another dimension, or something. / 5:20 – end

Star Trek TNG“Best of Both Worlds Part 1”: Picard gets assimilated. / 5:55 – end


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