One of Those 25 Thing Things

I did this on my Facebook page, but thought I’d post it here too so that I’d be a bit more original, after all EVERYONE posts it on their Facebook page. I have to admit I’d already used two of the things I put there on this blog (blech I hate that word…) before, so I changed them. Think of this as the UK version!

1a) I tell time by drawing a line on my fingernail in the morning and just seeing how much it has moved.

1b) I’m convinced that our entire lives are divided into 21.3 second bits and that we experience them in a random order, but we think we just experienced the one that chronologically came before.

1j) I find it funny how we all stick to this arbitrary ‘alphabetical order’, and how much it affects our lives.

1d) I think cargo pants look stupid.

1e) I bleed Raptors red, I guess like most people…

1f) I think that people who were taught to tie their shoelaces with one bunny ear will develop entirely different personalities than those who were taught with two.

1g) I would have rather they’d picked a talented young female actress, like the girl from Miss Sunshine, to play Anakin in Episode I, and have the character go through a sex change than to be forced to endure that little shit they chose. Then again the dialogue was a pile too. I think you could write a better script by just channel surfing for two hours, changing the channel every few seconds, and writing down whatever disjointed dialogue you hear: infomercials, rap videos, whatever.

1h) I think it’s gross that the low points in famous people’s lives become entertainment in the form of tabloids for the masses to gawk at.

1i) I learned most of my morals from Zordon.

1c) I like when form matches content.

1k) I do things in sets of three.

1l) My four favourite songs (At the moment! It’s so hard to choose four, if I picked them in an hour from now I’d probably change a couple of them, these are just the ones that come to mind.) from my four favourite bands are, in alphabetical order:

A Day in the Life
Can’t Stop
Civil War
Death of a Martian
Don’t Forget Me
Fade In-Out
Gas Panic!
Happiness is a Warm Gun
I’m Outta Time
I’ve Got a Feeling
Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
Turn Up the Sun
Wet Sand

1m) I usually do things in sets of three.

1n) I find eating REALLY boring, actually I just ate, I had chicken and rice, but I digest – err digress.

1o) I’ve watched pretty much every episode of every season of Survivor, I think that’s why I’m so tall.

1p) I like non-sequiturs.

1q) Sometimes I look at the stacks of books in a library, and find it utterly amazing that such a small amount of matter contains mountains and mountains of ideas and thoughts. That the thoughts they generate and that they contain, which would look gargantuan if we could physically see the realm of ideas, are contained in such a little objects. Almost like the books are small mushrooms and the ideas they’re linked to are the networks of roots connected to them underground.

1r) I’d like to leave about a millimeter uncut in the middle of my fingernails all year, so that eventually I’d get these foot long, one millimeter wide claws. I think girls would find that attractive.

1s) I think grocery stores should have an aisle of food for thought.

1t) I think that astrology could be pretty accurate if every person in the world had their own sign, and their characteristics were based on psychological tests.

1u) When I listen to my iPod I usually drum along with my teeth; when I’m eating, it makes music edible!

1v) It would be nice to be reincarnated as a string on Jimi Hendrix’s guitar.

1w) When I get that first single seat on the bus, I know it’s going to be a good day. Also when I see the letter B instead of A after the numbers 1-9-6, I feel like I’ve just won the lottery.

1x) I love it when what a subway musician is singing/playing fits in perfectly with what you’ve listening to on your iPod.

1y) “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Plato,


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