The War of the Tephritidae, Part I: War is Declared

It was the eve of the 6th day in July, they came out of nowhere; overrunning our borders in great number. The vile horde had the audacity to badger my kinsmen and me as we dined; telling tale and singing song of battles long gone.

The beasts of the manor had been disturbed for many moons, their warning I should have heeded. Without sound the tephritidae were upon us, but these were only scouts, sent to inform us of their presence. They received no mercy, and were slain with the might of a thousand suns, their blood stained the dining hall. Though the battle was won, I knew there would be more strife to come; they move in great numbers, breeding their fiendish kin quickly.

I consulted the oracle ‘Oogle, and learned of spells that my ancestors had once used to vanquish this host. They had made the first move, declared war, it was time to answer their call.

The kingdom was swept for any alleys the loathsome creatures might use as shelter. Traps enchanted by the oracle were hidden throughout the land. The borders of the kingdom were closed; their reinforcements would not arrive. Hunters were sent out and told to take no prisoners.

You are a worthy foe, horde of Tephritidae, but you will not live to rue the day you entered this kingdom.


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