Six (Bad) Optical Illusions

1.  Lets start off with a classic. Is the green line longer in figure A or in figure B?

2.  This one technically isn’t an optical illusion, it’s similar to the test used to check for red/green colour blindness. Can you see the number ‘3’ in the image below? If not you may be black/jet-black colour blind.

3. The image below appears to be made up of randomly placed lines and curves. However if you stare at the white dot for thirty minutes and then look at a blank surface, a word will emerge.

4. This is my take on the famous old/young woman illusion. In that illusion the image can either be seen as a young woman or an old woman. Though it isn’t obvious at first, the image below can also be seen in two different ways. Try for yourself! If you can’t, scroll down to see the explanation.

At first this appears to only be a sun. However it can also become a face if the sun spots are seen as a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth. Once it’s explained it’s almost hard NOT to see them that way!

5. Again, this one isn’t quite an optical illusion, but it’s such a cool effect that I had to include it! Certain colours facilitate to linguistic processing while others inhibit it.  One example of a facilitative colour is green; an example of an inhibitory colour is red. Said another way: green words are easier to read than red words.  See for yourself in the following example!

6. We’ll also end off with a classic. I’m sure you’ve seen this clip of the spinning girl on the internet before. The cool thing is that you can see her rotating both ways. If you stare long enough she will appear to switch directions again and again.


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