Trouble With Words

Words can only do so much, they can only capture so much of what goes on in our heads.  An endless pool of thought is reduced to what can be captured in a few lines or curves, or conversely a series of sounds; contorted and sampled so that it can fit within the framework of our predetermined language.  The process is so diluting that the meanings we spout are of a different medium than thought, an inferior impoverished one.  It’s as though thought is an endless road flanked by moving wonders; what we express is the equivalent of black and white photographs of what we saw.


Words of Thought

We can’t show anyone the thought that we see in our head.  We have words that we combine in such a way that their auras of meaning overlap with the landscape of thought are seeing as much as possible.  These words can voyage into the world outside of our heads.  Others have their own auras of meaning associated with each word – somewhat similar to ours – that we hope serve to create a similar landscape of thought in their minds.  In this roundabout way we can show eachother our thoughts.  But words are hubs of innacurracy, a word can stand in for vastly different concepts for different people.