Poetry-Type Things








a n d  b r e a t h e


Out and In of Meaning

I went to see a friend today,
to listen to what he had to say.
On the way I found a penny,
I said “hurray, a shiny new penny!”

I could use this penny to fly a plane,
into the sun, if I were so vain.
Or save it in a jar of gold,
then I’d say “behold behold!”

The penny dripped happily and sought a lie,
it rained flushed with sound out of the sty.
If coins fell sadly into the leaf,
a voice would run “take a thief!”

Slick paragraph three rain found,
doors blue breaking wretched mound,
Capitalized window plywood red,
death five “umbrellas bed!”

Boonka inta rin yonkel bloo,
ippity roop sinka soo.
Finna fin jilly inbin wub,
kinka “yool tubbity bub!”

Tplkutio efbnoti izx,
prtxr urrjhy.
Tkijhu prjkuilky ibjjuthg,
fuuythiply “jhujty, jhujty!”

*%J#-+ __[{},
~&N*() <>,>?LLO.
+++}\\], &*(%%^,
$$KFJ !k!kl “<,<%%%!”


&%,,,&gt ##@#,
+_+_+ =-__[}.
&77^%,,.> (0,
Fnn “<3# <“!

Krtsch fhuttikp,
cxuiittp ewstk prstykli.
Rwxty ujhypl,
krstvxc “utvck skkliqpo!”

Inna fin foulie,
gookle tra soonti oolie.
Ikka inna pin patta,
rikka sho “frin sho fatta!”

Words fins paper yearlong clock,
yeast penny corner vein flock.
Killing up how ran silly,
Uppity jars “page edge really!”

He’s dripping silly dots sadly,
piling spent clouds very badly.
I faded into flight ringing happily,
stepped on by “concepts rapidly!”

Finding secrets buried in sun,
and turning them into turbulent fun.
That penny spent sun and made me wait,
until I exclaimed “I’m late, I’m late!”

I continued on around the bend,
on my way to see a friend,
Keeping quiet all the way,
for there was nothing left to say.

esoteric craft

esoteric craft dispelled into darkness

immanent strangers strangely transparent to the strange movements
of MOUNTAINS and minutiae


yelling into

and bouncing balls off of

wondering if lighthouse keepers get paid or if penny(ie)s in fountains ever get saved


“dotting question marks with points to ponder” and quoting thoughts that are just



to yonder to grow fonder through senseless rhyming jumbles of rumbles taking tumbles through fumbled mumbles.

wondering all the while whether or not to let go,
and if words screamed at forever may perchance echo.

A ******* ***** and ***** Poem

Shall I ****, ****, **** this **** until ***** duck?

****, ****, **** until ***** say ****?

**** ******* don’t **** ****,

**** ******* don’t **** a bit.

On and ******* on, ******* a **** with a ******* ****,

**** that *******, **** ******* nervous tick.

**** ******* bicycling, that **** ******** ***** anyway,

So **** and **** **** the ******* ***** on a summer’s day.


Some Groups of Words…

Words are magical and extraordinary.
Extraordinary and magical are words.

Words are super-duper and fantastical.
Super-duper and fantastical are not words.

Words give existence to our consciousness beyond our consciousness.
They let us shine a reflection of our thoughts into eachothers’ heads.

We draw a line around a bit of our consciousness and give it a name,
Written to be narrated by someone else, in a different voice.

Sometimes words join up with other words, sometimes they are on their

Words can be punctuated!
Sometimes incorrectly?  Sometimes excessively!!!!!

Some words need to be said,
Some words are better left                  .

Sometimes groups of words rhyme,
With words in the next…group of words.
But only if we take the time.

Some words can be vocalized in different ways,
Either either or either.

Words can be iconic, sardonic or even ironic.
Ironically big or ironically miniscule.

Words can be let freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,
(Or imprisoned.)

Sometimes groups of words make perfect sense,
Sometimes colourless green ideas sleep furiously.

sometimes when we txt or msg ppl,
we mutilate words.

Sometimes words flow mellifluously,
Quintessentially ascending into serentiy.

Some words can be separated and rebuilt,
“Absconders Meow!”, said a parented butler.

Groups of words can hold a secret message,
Found under cafe kitchens, or finer facilities.

If you say the word word enough it loses all meaning,
When that happens, do all words cease to exist?

…only make sense when you get to the end.